How Much Does Unlimited Data Cost Telstra

As we are living in the 21st century and are well aware of the fact that this is the age of technology and we have turned the whole universe into a global village. Although our keen concern these days has become our data plan and its billing.

But nothing to worry about it because today we will help you understand how you can acquire an unlimited data plan along with that we would also let you know how much does unlimited data cost
Telstra ?

As we have evolved from being social animals to social media animals therefore our cell phones have started to freak out because of data surfing. Moreover, the business models have transformed themselves into an online stature.

Therefore, it has now become a necessity that everyone should have a quality data connection along with unlimited data allotment over affordable prices so that our budget won’t get distorted. Though Telstra has brought all this together with their connection.

How Much Does Unlimited Data Cost Telstra ?

You must be curious about the cost of an unlimited data plan by Telstra but before moving forward we would like to draw your attention to the basic information that will prove itself to be worth reading.

As we all know that the world is advancing towards 5G, but Telstra being a network of a giant population has kept their services quite premium despite having a 3G connectivity. But you might love to know that Telstra will be switching to 4G by 2024.

Whereas with the Telstra unlimited data pack, you cannot share your data pack with other services on your invoice. Moreover, Telstra is keenly concerned to launch their 4G with 700MHz along with vocal-controlling.

While keeping their legacy of putting up nothing but the best, therefore, you guys would love to know that with the Telstra data plan youre going to have the best after-sales services for their worthy customers.

Plan-24 Months Allowance Pricing-199$/Month
Data Unlimited
Calls Unlimited
SMS Unlimited
MMS Unlimited
For International Numbers
Calls, MMS, SMS Unlimited
Roaming Calls, SMS, MMS Unlimited For Certain Locations 75C/MMS
Roaming Data Budget 10GB For Certain Location
Total Cost
The Minimum Cost for a 24 Month duration is $4776.

Although the Maximum Early Termination Charge (ETC) is $2388.|

Complimentary Additions:

Apart from the main data allowance, there is an additional complimentary service of StayConnected Advanced Service added within your data pack that is going to provide you with the utmost after-sales service for your cellular devices.

Cellular Device Purchase Plan:

For availing of the unlimited data plan by Telstra, you must have an appropriate cellular phone and if you don’t have one then consider buying one with the most amazing interest-free payment plan of Telstra.

Exclusive Telstra New Phone Feeling Offer

You might be astonished to know that Telstra is offering that if you have subscribed to the Unlimited Data Plan and keep using it for 12 months then you can avail yourself of a new cellular device purchase plan.

Whereas you can avail this offer by replacing your current cellphone and subscribing to the new eligible plan along with 24-month device price assurance.

Additional Charges:

You must be concerned about the hidden charges or any other additional charges you might have to pay separately with the unlimited data plan cost. If is it so then your concerns are valid.

Because if you would use any of the services that are not included in the package you have to pay for it. Whereas the cost of additional service won’t be according to the Minimal Monthly Cost as per the Plan Cost Table.

Early Plan Termination:

Another vital point that might hold you concerned regarding this service provider and service as well, and is the plan termination before the due date. So we would like to tell you, people, that the termination policy of Telstra is quite determined.

As you have to pay the ETC in case you’re concerned about canceling your data plan along with any deferred amount remaining in your account. Whereas the prices are pre-determined in the table as well.

Payment Settlement:

When it comes to payment settlements then you would love to know that Direct Debit is the most viable source for bill settlement. Although paperless billing or electronic settlement is free of cost. Whereas the in-person settlement or by mail cost is 1$.

You can avail of the exclusive discount for being a pensioner. If you have an eligible pensioner discount card you can go for applying for 15$ per month funding for international calling along with budgeted connections and other leniencies for billing and late billing.

Billing Alteration:

The foremost thing you would need to understand is your billing, if you opt for changing your plan apart from a billing period then your first bill will be having a part-month invoice. Whereas your estimation will be split and provided you with the ongoing monthly settlement.

Usage Monitoring:

Monitoring is the thing that can keep everything steady therefore you must be concerned about the monitoring of your data pack then we would love to tell you that there is a dedicated Telstra application for both Android and iOS devices.

Whereas you can also check up on your data pack by logging in to your Telstra DOmain website without any inconvenience.

Terms Of Usage:

In the last, we would like to add a pointer regarding the terms of usage so that everything could be crystal clear. Therefore Telstra has clearly stated its terms of usage through its FairPlay Policy.

According to this policy, you have to comply with the policy for making sure that there will be no space for any sort of unfair means of usage that is involving any unethical and immoral manner.


The Unlimited Data Plan by Telstra is not only about the Calls, SMS, MMS, and Data but this package comes along with a few things with which you can enhance your surfing experience immensely.

Because this data pack can allow you to have data-free Apple Music, Live Sports, and Telstra Air so that you can have premium hotspots in Australia and fon spots overseas without any inconvenience.


Apart from the benefits of the unlimited data pack by Telstra, there are a few detriments you can have with this, and that are minute calls, MMS, SMS to international numbers for ineligible locations.

Whereas the calls to premium numbers are also restrained along with satellite numbers. Although there are a few additional charges that have to be paid apart from the package price.


  • Does the Telstra data pack has unlimited data?

Yes, right now all the Telstra Data Packs are featured with the unlimited data amount. Whereas the retro users might be aware of it as Telstra has propagated proper announcements for their worthy users.

  • Is it worth buying the unlimited data pack by Telstra?

For an extensive data user, the unlimited data pack by Telstra is indeed worth buying although the best pack for data users so that the fun of surfing the internet keeps going without any distortion.

  • Why does the unlimited data pack by Telstra cost soo much?

In the western world, the data packs are empowered by AT&T and Verizon. Though the speed of the data packs stands out and keeps your whole surfing experience lighting fast. Although the latter features are the reasons that make the unlimited data pack by Telstra soo expensive.

Final Wording:

The total cost of an unlimited data pack by Telstra is almost $2400 which seems to be quite expensive. Whereas the data amount is indeed unlimited but the cost seems to be quite high for a mediocre sort of user.

Whereas we would like to conclude this discussion with this note if you’re an extensive internet user and have an unprecedented budget then opting for the Telstra Unlimited Data Pack would be a viable thing for you.