How much does unlimited data cost at T mobile?

Do you have to complain to your internet provider every few days about slow internet? Does your internet package finish quickly? Is your internet slow and attending online meetings is very difficult? It might be time for you to switch to a good network.

A few years back, the internet was an accessory. Today, it is a necessity. All types of academic and official works come to a standstill only if the internet is down. Our social lives have shifted to social apps. We are more connected to people online than in real life. We have stronger bonding with our online friends than with our real friends.

The Internet has not only eased a lot of things but has made communication very easy. You can talk to people sitting continents away in a matter of seconds. Information is now just a click away. You can read any type of book online. Loads of research done in any and every field is available online.

There are several internet providers around the country. Everyone claims that they provide the best network and cheapest rates. However, you only come to know how good a network is once you start using it. T mobile is one such telecommunications company spread around several countries.

t mobile
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What is T mobile?

T mobile is a German telecommunication company founded 22 years back. It started with radiotelephone systems but is now operating in several countries around the globe. In previous years, it has sponsored several companies and was also the global mobile phone carrier for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Where does T mobile operate?

T mobile had its operations in several countries. These are listed below:

T mobile operational country Operator company Number of customers
Austria Magneta Telekom 5.067 million
Bosnia and Herzegovina HT Eronet 0.4 million
Croatia Hrvatski telecom 2.273 million
Czech Republic T mobile Czech Republic 6.205 million
Germany Telekom Deutschland GmbH 50.272 million
Greece Cosmote 6.935 million
Hungary Magyar Telekom Nyrt. 5.503 million
Montenegro Cmogorski Telekom A.D. 0.3 million
North Macedonia Makedonski Telekom A.D. 1.2 million
Poland T mobile polska 11.290 million
Romania Telekom Romania mobile 3.539 million
Slovakia Slovak Telekom 2.479 million
United States T mobile U. S 104.789 million

Countries where T mobile has discontinued services:

There are many regions where T mobile was operational earlier but now has discontinued its services. Those countries are:

  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Montenegro
  • North Macedonia
  • Slovakia
  • The United Kingdom

Cost of data bundles offered by T mobile:

There are several data bundles offered by T mobile. You can choose as per your need and budget.


It is for $30 line per month and offers a basic data package. It will cost $90 per month on Autopay for 3 lines and the 3rd line will be free.


This data bundle is for a $40 line per month and this offer covers many services. On Autopay, it costs $120 per month for 3 lines and the 3rd line will be free.

Magneta Max:

The data bundle will cost you $47 line per month. This will cost you $140 per month for 3 lines on Autopay and the 3rd line will be free.

Data bundle features:

Every data bundle offered by T mobile has several features so users can choose as per their need and budget. The table below elaborates on the data packages and the features they offer:

Feature Essentials bundle Magneta bundle Magnets max bundle
Price without autopay $30 per line per month $40 per line per month $47 per line per month
Autopay price $90 per month for 3 lines (3rd line free) $120 per month for 3 lines (3rd line is free) $140 per month for 3 lines (3rd line is free)
Unlimited call time and texts Applicable Applicable Applicable
Unlimited 4G and 5G LTE Applicable Applicable Applicable
Premium data 50GB 100GB Unlimited smartphone speed regardless of usage
Free Netflix Not applicable 1 screen SD basic Netflix (applicable on 2+ line accounts) 1 screen SD basic Netflix with 1 line, and 2 screen HD standard Netflix for 2+ line accounts
Extra tax and fee Not applicable Applicable Applicable
Mobile hotspot data Unlimited 3G speed 5GB high-speed data and unlimited 3G speed 40 GB high-speed data and unlimited 3G speed
Unlimited video streaming SD streaming SD streaming Up to 4K UHD streaming
Extended range 5G Applicable Applicable Applicable
Ultra-capacity 5G Applicable Applicable Applicable

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Source: T-Mobile

Other services and deals:

T mobile offers many other services and deals for its users. Some of those are:

  • iPhone 13 with a 5G network.
  • iPhone SE with 5G network.
  • iPad air with 5G.
  • Apple watches SE for only $200.
  • Buy one get one free offer on Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Avail up to $800 off on Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra.
  • Up to 50% off on online purchase of iPhone SR.
  • Buy one get one free offer on online purchase of One plus 8 5G.


T mobile does not only offer you a fast 5G network, but it also offers special discounts and offers on mobiles and accessories. The best thing about T mobile is that you can customize your plan as per your requirement with the help of an official and that too online. A good internet means good communication and faster work. Hence, if your internet is lagging, it’s time you switch to a good network.