How much does it cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment cross country

How much does it cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment cross country

Moving your apartment can be pretty exhausting. Long-distance will further add to the fatigue. With the amount of furniture and distance to be traveled, moving becomes hectic as hell.

How much does it cost to move an apartment?.

However, there are several ways to plan to move out. With proper planning and execution, the burden can be highly lessened.

Setting a timeline:

When moving your apartment over a long distance, especially cross country, it is better to plan things and set a timeline for everything. You can set your timeline according to your ease, however; a generalized easy timeline can be as follows:

12 weeks:

Choose your mode of transport, book your accommodation beforehand if you have to make a stay during your moving. Compare prices of several options available and choose accordingly.

8 weeks:

List down all the items you need to pack and pack them accordingly. You may need to carry documents in a small bag which you can easily carry around and show the documents when needed. Finalize the mode of transport and the company you have selected if any. Inquire about their liability policy and registration number along with reviews and ratings.

4 weeks:

Analyze and sort all your items. Categorize them accordingly. It is advisable to sell or donate unwanted items, and take only the useful stuff. This will also lessen moving costs.

2 weeks:

Check everything again to make sure you are not missing anything. Label your moving boxes. It is advisable to label your boxes properly and laminate the tags so that they do not sever off.


Have a meeting with your moving company. Set time, and guide them as to what to put where in the new apartment. Make sure the service elevator is available on the moving-out day so that you can easily move your furniture and belongings. Accurately measure dimensions and carve out the best way to move out your goods.

Moving day:

Discuss any last-minute concerns. Have a final look to make sure you are not leaving anything behind. Make sure all your devices are charged especially your mobile phone. Safely put all the required documents in a bag which you will carry with you.

Cost affecting factors:

Moving costs can be affected by many factors and if some of the factors are checked, these costs can be brought under control making shifting light on your pocket. Some of the cost-affecting factors are:
  • The number of movers hired.

  • Type of moving company hired.

  • Type of furniture and belongings.

  • Specific services required from moving company.

  • Distance between your packed stuff and your apartment exit door (this may seem like a fluff point, but it for sure increases your moving expenses).

  • Time of the year. It has been seen that moving rates spike during certain times of the year, and so do the prices. Most people move during holidays and on weekends. It is better to move during the winter months (October to April), or during weekdays. This will save your moving cost making it easier on your pocket.

  • Weight of cargo.

  • Distance between old and new places. The cost is usually $4000 for a 1000 mile move if the weight of your belongings is somewhere around 5000 pounds.

Moving options:

Several options can be availed when moving your 2-bedroom apartment cross county. You can choose from several options depending on your budget. Some of the ways that can be availed are;
  • Hiring a professional moving company.

  • Hiring a moving container.

  • Freight trailer.

  • Renting a tuck.

  • Shipping your stuff.

  • Hire only moving labor.

  • Hiring a cargo trailer.

Cost estimate:

The general cost of moving a 2-bedroom apartment across the country falls somewhere between $3000 to $7000.

Other options along with their estimated price range are summed as follows:

Moving option Approximate cost range
Professional moving company $5000 - $12000
Moving container $3000-$5000
Freight trailer $2000-$4000
Rental truck $1000-$3000
Cargo trailer $100-$1500
Shipping container ­$1000-$6000

­Checking registration:

When moving your apartment, you want to make sure that the company you are hiring is reliable and has good credibility. If a company is registered, it means that it is a credible one. A moving company’s registration can be found on USDOT (US Department of Transportation), or FMCSA (Federal Motors Carrier Safety Administration). A registered moving company will have either USDOT or FMCSA number.

Contact | FMCSA

Ask for reviews and ratings of the company, check their social media pages to get an idea about their work ethic and manner. This will also give you an idea of the type of equipment and gears they possess and whether or not those will be enough for lifting your furniture.
Liability policy should also be inquired. One of the following two liability policies is usually followed:

Ø Full value protection:

The moving company is completely responsible for any loss caused to your goods while moving and will pay you 100% of the damage.

Ø Released value protection:

The moving company will pay only 60% of the cost in case of any damage caused to your belongings while moving, while the owner will bear the other 40%.

Making moving easy on the budget:

A cross-country move can be pretty exhausting in your pocket. Certain tips if followed can make it a lot easier and budget-friendly. Following is a list of steps that can be followed:

Inquire about your company’s policy:

If you are moving for work purposes, ask about your company’s moving policy. They may pay all the moving expenses or ask you to save all your moving receipts to be reimbursed later. This way you can move out for free.


Take with you as little stuff as possible. Donate the things you no longer need. You can also sell some goods and add that amount to your moving budget. This will save time, money, and energy and there will be less clutter at your new place.

Used boxes/packing material:

To cut down the cost, you can ask your close ones for used packing material and reuse packing cartons to hew the moving cost.

Hire a truck:

This is a relatively cheap shifting method. All you need is to hire a truck and drive it yourself. However, fuel, and stay during the way can add up to the cost.

Moving can be pretty ragged both mentally and physically, at the same time being a burden on your pocket. However, if you plan it wisely and choose a good method and time, it can be easily managed and maybe turn into a fun experience. How Much Does it Cost to Move a Two (2) Bedroom Apartment? -