How much does it cost to join Harley owners group?

To live fully and not just survive means to enjoy life to the full extent. There should be no bound to enjoy what you love. It is quite healthy to have different interests at every age. Our hobbies and interests keep us going despite the hectic lifestyle.

Some have an unmatchable love for automobiles, especially motorcycles. For these enthusiasts, the Harley Davidson group is the best place to cherish their automobile love. Being part of such a group that sees it as a lifestyle will for sure satiate as well as flame up one’s love for motorcycles.

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Besides being informed about the latest model and style, they may even get to adopt it as a lifestyle, which is what the Harley Davidson group promotes. Let us dive into it and see what it is all about.

What is Harley – Davidson group:

Harley – Davidson group was created in 1983 for promoting stronger and long-lasting ties between customers, employees, and consumers. It is a sponsored community marketing club that is specifically for the enthusiasts of the brand’s motorcycles. The club has over a million members. They do not use motorcycles just as a product but are promoting it as a lifestyle. Besides, having such a huge following it is also ranked as the largest factory-sponsored riding club in the world.

Cost of joining the Harley – Davidson group:

The type of membership you choose determines your membership cost. Those who only want to be an associate member have to pay a $29 per year membership fee. This is only for the passengers or family members of an active full member of the group.

The second type is becoming a full-time member. The annual membership fee of a full-time member is $49 per year. These members must own a Harley – Davidson motorcycle. One just needs to provide their vehicle identification number as proof.

Harley owners group membership benefits:

There are several benefits of joining the Harley – Davidson group. There might be a slight difference between full-time and associate members, otherwise, the benefits are almost the same. Below is a table summarizing all the benefits of joining the Harley Owners Group both as a full time and associate member:

Harley owners group membership benefits Associate membership ($29 / year) Full-time member ($49 / year)
Harley owners group membership card Available Available
Harley owners group rallies/events member check-in Available Available
Harley owners group chapters Available Available
Harley owners group ladies of Harley Available Available
Harley owners group e-newsletter Available Available
Harley owners group merchandise Available Available
Harley owners group members service center Available Available
Harley owners group RIDE 365 challenges Available Available
Harley owners group patch/pin Available Available
Harley – Davidson Museum free admission Available Available
Harley – Davidson insurance services Available Available
Eagle Riders rentals and tours Available Available
Safe Riders skills recognition Available Available
Harley – Davidson visa-free ride sweepstakes double entry Available Available
Harley owner group 10, 25, 35 years member recognition Available Available
The Enthusiast magazine Not available Available
Harley owners group visa group for miles ridden Not available Available
Harley owners group roadside assistance Not available Available
Harley owners group roadside assistance additional coverage Not available Available
The reward program Not available Available
Motorcycle shipping Not available Available
AT and T wireless Not available Available

How to become a Harley owners group member:

Becoming a Harley group member is not very difficult. Although they do have some rules, regulations, and criteria to follow. The first and foremost condition to become a member is owning a Harley – Davidson motorcycle. An exception to this condition is for associate members as they can enroll under active, full-time members.

With membership become several benefits. Once you become a full member at the national level, you can join as many local chapters as you want without joining any local Harley owner group chapter.

All the Harley – Davidson chapters are being managed by the Harley – Davidson employees working in Milwaukee with the regional Harley-owners group.

You can also become a Harley owner group. The volunteers usually manage Harley’s owner’s group chapters. Some chapters collect dues from members to subsidize the costs of events and the administrative costs of running the chapter. The chapters organize several events throughout the year which are mostly ride-related and produce a newsletter too.

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If you are a die-hard motorcycles fan, then you should join the Harley Owners Group. Besides enjoying several benefits, you can also be part of the amazing events arranged around the year to keep the members entertained.