How much does it cost to fix electric power steering?

How much does it cost to fix electric power steering

Gone are the times when people needed to apply all that muscular power in simply turning a steering wheel to turn a corner. Machines have made life easier. One such thing introduced to lessen mechanical power is electric power steering. You see people turning corners with a finger on the steering wheel (although that is not lawful) and you wonder’ wow! What a driver. Sorry to burst that bubble, but those people are just using power steering.

Electric power steering saves a lot of manual effort, but it can quickly turn into a headache if there is some fault. You may be wondering how to fix electric power steering, then? Well, you are in luck. However, before we dive into fixing electric power steering, find out what caused it in the first place.

Faulty power steering can be due to several reasons. Such as low steering fluid or leakage, damaged steering belt, the broken steering rack, or bad strut bearings could be causing it. Moreover, fixing your power steering can save you from any accidents. So, let’s dive into it.

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Parts of an electric power steering:

Before knowing how something works, it is good to know its parts to understand its function fully. It is not easier to grasp the technicalities of power steering unless you are a mechanic or auto-nut. Therefore, it is better to get as much information about your vehicle as possible. An electric power steering comprises of following four parts:


It works by drawing energy from the engine to provide steering assistance to the steering vehicle. It is a three-phase motor powered by modulated DC voltage. Its operating range is around 9 volts to 16 volts.

Reduction gear:

It contains steering gears that transmit drivers steering inputs to that steering linkage which in turn turns the wheels. It also multiplies the driver’s steering changes so that the front wheels move more than the steering wheels.

Torque sensor:

As the name suggests, it senses the torque applied by the driver on the steering wheel. Based on the amount of torque applied by the driver, the electric control unit calculates the steering assistance to be provided by the electric motor.


It collects and delivers information. It consists of a circuit board and connectors. It also contains drivers, signal generators, and MOSFET switches that power and controls the electric motor. It also contains a monitor circuit that measures the current used by the motor.

Cost of fixing electric power steering:

The cost of fixing steering depends on the fault. There can be many causes of the fault most commonly it is leakage from any component. The cost also depends on the car’s model you are driving.

Steering pump:

The leak in your car’s steering pump will cost between $200 and $400 to fix. However, replacement of the pump can cost around $800.

Reservoir tank:

It can be damaged due to clogging causing leaks and noises. It will cost around $300.

Power steering hose:

The power steering hose is quite easy to replace. You can also do it yourself with a little effort. However, the part alone can cost you somewhere between $100 and $300. The cost rises further if you add in mechanic’s labor which is around $160.

The power steering rack and pinion:

It is unarguably the most expensive part to replace. Since it consists of a rather complicated system, it takes time to find fault in the steering rack and pinion and then fix it. Replacing it can cost as low as $500 and as high as $1500.

The following table summarizes the cost of fixing a power steering:

Part damaged/leaked Estimated fixing cost
Steering pump $200-$400
Reservoir tank $150-$300
Power steering hose $100-$300
Rack and pinion $500-$1500

Causes of electric power steering failure:

Several causes ultimately ruin a car’s electric power steering. The most common ones are:

  • Contamination in power steering fluid.
  • Very low or very high fluid level.
  • Any broken belts that interfere with its working.
  • Damage in the steering pump.
  • The very large unrequired force is being applied.
  • Poor maintenance.

How to know power steering failure?

There are several symptoms of failure in power steering. The tell-tale signs will make the fault clear. If studies carefully, you can also pinpoint the part being damaged. Some of the major signs of power steering failure are:

  • Stiffness in the steering wheel. Driving your car will not feel as smooth as it should be.

  • The steering response will be low. It will take you more power to turn a corner than it usually does.

  • Poor control on the steering wheel. Despite you putting in all the effort to handle it well, it will still slip out of your hands.

  • Ambiguous noises like whining and squealing sounds. These are an indication that something is not right with the steering wheel. The noise will be particularly loud when turning a corner. It will also increase on increasing engine speed.

  • Groaning noises made by the power steering tell lack of fluid in the steering wheel. It can lead to worsening of the problem if not timely filled.

  • Low fluid levels can certainly be a reason for steering failure. Just as fluid is important for the engine to run, so is it for your power steering to work smoothly. Leakage of fluid can lead to a reduction in fluid levels as well. You can yourself check fluid leakage from under the car. Electric power steering’s fluid is usually reddish-brown.

  • A power steering fluid can get worse due to oxidation. Its color changes to grey or it might contain some metal particles which will indicate a fault in the steering wheel’s fluid.

Advantages of electric power steering:

  • Energy-efficient.
  • Saves a lot of manual power.
  • Fuel can be saved.
  • Reduction in vehicles weight.
  • Sleek design.
  • Easy to drive.
  • Lighter and accurate system.
  • Easy maintenance.

Disadvantages of electric power steering:

  • A repair might require specialized tools and equipment.
  • Some parts are quite expensive to repair and replace.
  • Require a lot of maintenance.


Power steering is now being introduced in every other car to make driving easy and hassle-free. Besides that, it saves a lot of fuel and is energy efficient. Therefore, investing in electric power steering will go a long way and give you a very light driving experience.