How much does it cost to fix a laptop keyboard with water damage?

Topic How much does it cost to fix a laptop keyboard with water damage


Your laptop supports running your business and other tasks, but there are some states where you have to endure accidental spills. When the waterfalls on your keyboard, stay confident and act swiftly instead of panicking.

You may be able to dry your computer and resume your work without any hassle depending on the amount of water. Water has fallen on your laptop, and you are looking for help to fix it. We will furnish you with the most reliable solution to end this critical condition.

Laptop water damage

It is generally known that electronics and water can never be coupled. In many different situations, the water fries the electronic devices, and it stops serving completely. But thankfully, it can be fixed by removing the water in the keyboard.

It is also possible, though tricky, to fix the keyboard after water damage.

The first thing is that you do not panic if something has fallen on the laptop. Disengage your laptop, remove the battery and turn your laptop upside down so that water droplets come out and do not damage the electronic items inside the laptop.

Minimize the damage

Switch off your laptop as soon as the water drops on your laptop keyboard. Time is of the core; as long as your laptop continues to take power, water will continue to flow inside the circuit - and there is a risk of further damage.
Don’t worry about losing your progress and files; turn off the laptop as soon as possible. Draw the adaptor from the back of your machine and remove the battery. Damp laptops are not good, but wet laptops still running and taking power can be very risky.

How to dry a laptop

  • Turn off the laptop switch and turn off the laptop

  • Remove excess water from the laptop. Drain excess water by pressing the laptop with a cloth or towel paper

  • Use compressed air to dry the laptop

  • Leave the laptop to dry completely

Disassemble and clean

If something has fallen on your device, which is sugary like soda, juice, and coffee with sugar, it leaves gluey residue when it dries. This will make your key stick; The worst-case scenario is that it will bake your interior and cause it to fail.

If you feel comfy taking your laptop apart, you can dress it yourself with a cotton swab and alcohol. It takes time, and the shock can kill your parts when you work, so try only if you are suitable for this option. Contrarily, you can take the guidance of a repair technician.

Watch for issue

Once your laptop is clean and dry, re-insert the battery and connect the power cord. Operate it and stay alert for any odd issues. Liquid can harm you before you take any action, and you may have to go to the repair shop.

If you notice any negative behavior, such as a video problem or a new error code, share them with your repair technician.

What happens to a laptop if it gets wet?

If your laptop gets wet, turn it off as soon as possible. This step is very important because the water can go inside, it can destroy your circuitry if the laptop continues to take power.

Be sure to unplug anything that connects to the laptop. This includes a charging cable, USB and mouse etc.

How long should the laptop be left to dry?

The time to dry is at least one hour, but leaving for 24 hours is considered healthy.

How to dry electronics

Use something that absorbs dampness, such as raw rice or silica jelly (a small packet found in electronics devices or shoe boxes that labels don’t eat it).

The laptop should be fixed or bought a new one.

What is the cost of a new laptop? Some say the value of fixing is a third higher than brand new laptops; your money is better spent on the new laptop. Users say they don’t fix it if the cost of fixing it is more than half.

Does rice work on wet laptops?

If feasible, take out the battery and stuff inside. Put the laptop in the rice box so that the rice absorbs the moisture. Set your laptop in a V-shape so that any water can easily come out of the keyboard.

How much does it cost to repair a laptop keyboard?

If your keyboard is very sticky or something is missing or not going properly, you wonder what the cost of fixing it is. Usually, you have to substitute for the whole keyboard for between $ 20 to $ 60.

This task is not as tough as you might think. One advantage of this is that you do not have to remove and replace each key individually.

Although each laptop is different, you take off the laptop keyboard, typically take off the cover, pull out some bolts and detach the cable. If you want to take this thing on your own, you can do it at home conveniently.

The average cost to fix a laptop

Cost per hour

Average $60

High $90

Low $50

How to replace a laptop keyboard

Check online for proper direction compared to some common steps to replace your laptop keyboard.

Price Ranges

Type of Repair Price Range

Hard Drive Replacement $100-$225

Liquid Damage Repair $99-$250+

Motherboard Replacement $150-$300+

Fan Repair/Replacement $99-$175

Type of Repair Price Range

Laptop Screen Replacement $125-$225+

Memory/RAM Upgrade $50-$200

Power Jack Repair $100-$200

Keyboard Replacement $80-$195

Removing keyboard

  • Remove your laptop battery

  • Uncover your laptop

  • Remove the CD-DVD drive

  • Unfasten the head screws that have the keyboard secure with the device. Save the screws

  • Open the display panel and place the screen to your side

  • Click on the exposed region of the keyboard to release the keyboard and partially release the label from the top cover.

  • Turn right and open the screen from all sides.

  • Lift the keyboard back edge and flip the keyboard in front of the notebook until you reach the ribbon keyboard cable and ZIF connector.

  • Raise the locking bar on the ZIF connector keyboard and cut the ribbon keyboard cord.

Caution: Use caution to protect the ribbon and ZIF connector from damage

  • Your keyboard has now been successfully removed

Keyboard replacement

  • Turn the keyboard upside down so you can reach the connector and cable

  • Insert the keyboard ribbon cable into the ZEF connector

Caution: Use caution to protect the cable and ZIF connector from damage

  • Press the locking bar to secure the ribbon cable to the connector

  • Turn the keyboard over and put tabs on the top cover on the bottom of the keyboard

  • Turn the keyboard down and click on the edges to lock the keyboard into the machine

  • Close the display window, switch off the monitor and replace the screen on the base

  • Replace CD/ DVD drive

  • Change the cover of the operation

  • Replace the battery

Price comparison

Fees and estimates Turnaround time same day service diagnostic

Laptop MD price
at different stores available for
most repairs $45 on most repairs do not include for
specific time

Best buy 3-4 days no $69

Apple 2-3 days $100 $69