How much does it cost to build a garage in Michigan?

How much does it cost to build a garage in Michigan


The national average expense of building a garage is $27,999, or about $50 per square foot. Building costs shift contingent upon the size of the garage, the sort of materials utilized, the completion, and any increases. A solitary vehicle garage can cost under $10,000, while a bigger RV garage with electric and HVAC can return you more than $100,000.

Garage material prices

The average cost of materials to build a garage range anywhere from $15 to $40 per square foot. It costs from $5,250 to $14,000 for an average 350 square foot garage. Keep in mind, this does exclude the expense of employing a worker for hire or paying for building grants.

The cost relies on whether you prefer a barebone model or a high-quality finish with an insulated interior, electricity, HVAC, and running water. Upgrading the floor, adding windows or a separate entrance, or suggesting a better roof or designer doors all add to the construction cost.

There are some material costs to consider when building a garage, including:

Framing cost: - $3– $6 per square foot

Roofing costs: - $1– $ 10 per square foot

Concrete slab cost: $ 4– $ 8 per square foot.

This is challenging to do with the content alone. You will need a concrete mixer and unusual tools to lay, level, and set the slab properly.

Drywall cost: $ 1.50– $ 3 per square foot or - $12– $35 per panel. The attached units require fire-rated drywall at least on the wall or ceiling that is shared with the living space.

Insulation Prices: If you are working in your garage instead of storing cars, you may want to consider adding insulation. Depending on the kind you choose, it costs between $1 and $5 per square foot.

Window cost: Material $75–$1,500 per window depending on the material, size and style.

Establishment costs: Concrete pieces are a typical establishment for a garage. Expect to pay $3 to $5 per square foot.

Garage Door Cost: The standard garage door installation costs from $350 to $1,100. You can spend up to $10,000 on the advanced custom type.

Garage door prices

Garage door prices range from $400 to $1,200 on average, depending on size, style, materials, design options, and specifications. Aluminum doors are the least expensive, but they are more prone to dent and physical damage than the next cheapest steel door option. Fiberglass and wooden doors generally offer a more diverse range of designs.

Each type of material for your door will also come with energy-efficient classification, which will be a little more suitable for your area. The more secure the door you want to protect your garage material, and the more insulated you want it to be, the closer you will get to the upper end of the price range.

Garage door opener installation cost

The average cost of installing a garage door opener range from $127 to $199, while a garage door opener costs approximately $120 to $288. That brings us to the total cost of installing your garage door opener between $247 and $487. Costs change contingent upon the brand, model, power, and kind of carport entryway you have.

Garage entrance

Entryways can likewise be a plan and security include for your garage. They will cost around $100 each or up to $2,500 for the highest security options. In a home with a garage attached, the door between the garage and the house can be quite simple. But with a separate garage, depending on the budget and your preferences, it will usually be a door with a little too much mood for it.

Garage installation cost

In general, labor makes up at least 50% of the construction cost of a garage (unless you choose a budget or very high-quality materials). Payment is expected to be $20 to $50 per square foot.

Hiring a local general contractor is usually easier and more cost-effective than hiring each specialist individually. They can hire subcontractors to work on things like roofs, walls, siding, painting, and any electrical or plumbing.

Garage price by type

The type of building you choose with the construction of your garage can significantly affect the cost. At the low end, prices start at about $25 per square foot, including materials and labor, while at the high end, expect to pay upwards of $120 per square foot.

Brick or brick veneer garage

Expect to pay $27 to $45 per square foot or more to purchase materials to build a brick garage. The cost of a brick garage can range from $47 to $95 per square foot unless you increase wages. Building solid brick walls is a laborious process, and the bricks themselves have no real insulation.

To see more economical and practical bricks over a wooden or metal frame, you can choose a brick wall instead. Also known as wythe, these bricks are usually 4 inches thick, and cost between $10 and $30 per square foot.

A thin brick coat (approximately 1 inch) usually costs $5 to $15 per square foot and is less heavy than width. If your home has brick siding, you can choose a garment to match your garage.

Stick built wood garage

If you like to go with a unique shape or traditional carpentry, you can choose to build your garage rod with a wooden frame on-site, especially if you have a similar type of construction in your home. The cost of this framing style is usually cost $40 to $70 per square foot for materials only and from $60 to $120 per square foot including labor.

Pole Barn Frame Garage


A thriftier option than rod frames, garage materials with pool barn frames usually cost between $20 and $35 per square foot. Manufacturers make prefabricated frames off-site and it takes less time to make. Including wages, you can expect to pay between $40 and $85 per square foot.

Metal garage

You can build metal garages faster than wooden or brick framed constructions, but they lack harmony with your home. Also, you can’t get a permit for this type of structure in every neighborhood, so you have to check with your municipality. Before raising labor costs, expect to pay between $3,000 and $11,000 for a metal DIY garage kit.

Cinder Block Garage

Cinder block walls are a popular choice in hurricane or termite-infested areas as they are long-lasting and easy to cover with siding or stucco. Expect to pay between $9 and $12 per square foot for cinder block wall materials and $29 to $62 including wages.

Garage installation cost by size

The cost of building a new garage varies depending on the materials used and the finish required. For a basic construction, expect to pay about $40 to $70 per square foot. Advanced construction with electrical and plumbing upgrades can cost from $120 to $350 per square foot.

The width and depth of your garage will play a big part in how much you spend on your construction, so consider carefully how much space you need before embarking on this project.

Below are some indicator prices for some typical garage sizes.

1-car garage

For a basic single car garage without any additions, expect payments between $10,500 and $27,000. They typically measure 12 to 16 feet wide and 20 to 24 feet deep. To provide a little extra storage space for a 1.5 car unit, a basic construction can cost up to $32,000.

2-car garage

Double garages range in price from about, $14,500 to $40,300. They are 22 to 26 feet wide and 20 to 24 feet deep.

3-car garage price

The average price of a basic 31 to 34 feet wide 3 car garage ranges from $28,200 to $57,100.

4-car garage

The cost of a 4-car garage usually ranges from $32,000 to $73,900. Adding HVAC, plumbing, and a workshop can cost upwards of $100,000.

Price of RV garage

To place RVs, you will need a door that is not less than 14 feet wide and 12 feet high, and a bay must be at least 40 feet deep. Prices can range from about $36,000 to $140,000. If you want to install RV hook-ups for things like electricity and water or a complete sewerage system, you can spend even more.

Garage Installation Costs Near You

Michigan: $22,100

Illinois: $17,250

New York: $26,800

Maine: $33,600

Minnesota: $19,300

California: $44,200

Texas: $28,500

Colorado: $25,600

Washington: $22,250

Oregon: $24,000

Garage construction cost factors

In addition to garage size and materials used, various other aspects can influence construction costs.

Attached vs. separate garage

If you are building a garage attached to your existing home, expect to pay 10% to 15% less than the cost of a separate garage.

If you want to run electricity and plumbing in your garage, it often costs more to run the pipes and wiring in the connected structure.
Garage windows

The average cost of adding windows to a garage is $100 to $600 per window. Not all garages have windows, but if you plan to spend time in the garage, it is good to have natural light. Despite the additional cost, most separate garages have at least one window, and a large garage of 2 cars with workshop area or storage features can have a maximum of three windows.


Windows for your garage are typical residential windows that are available in steel, composite, vinyl, or wood frames. Additional options available include single, double, or triple panel windows. And UV protection film on the glass or exterior additions such as shutters and whatever paint you choose to add.

Garage skylights

You can also choose skylights instead of windows, either for aesthetic reasons or for residential safety considerations. This could be either Velux full glass windows in your ceiling, which is approximately “140 and above for 22” x 22 “, or 22 331 and above for a solar-powered 22” x22 "skylight. Solar blinds sell for $180. For their 10” diameter non-window style tubular skylights

Demolition costs

When you are replacing an old garage, you need to consider the cost of demolishing the existing structure. They typically run from $4 to $8 per square foot for a separate structure or $5 to $15 per square foot for an attached structure.

Architect’s fee

You may also have an architect’s fee. Architects typically charge $125 to $250 per hour or $2 to $15 per square foot. It is not uncommon for architect fees to exceed $2,000.

Garage plan prices

If you do not need an architecturally designed garage, it is possible to purchase prefabricated garage plans that cost between $ 500 and $ 1,000.


You will require a license to construct your garage. The cost of a garage building permit varies depending on your location. Have a budget of $1,200 to $1,500 for this. A general contractor can often help you through the application process.

The cost of building a garage yourself

If you pay only for materials, you can build a basic separate garage for between $5,000 and $25,000. Contractor rates consume at least 50% of your total budget.

DIY vs. hiring professionals

Although you can save a lot by building a garage yourself, it is a complex, time-consuming project and not to be tackled unless you have solid construction experience. Mistakes can be costly and insecure.

Rather than DIYing the project altogether, it may be a good idea to take part in the construction yourself to help save costs. Mistakes made during drywalling or painting will not have the serious consequences of making a mistake when laying the foundation or installing a roof window.

General contractors provide peace of mind, have insurance, and are aware with local building codes and regulations.

What are some ways I can save money on building my garage?

On a limited budget building, skipping windows and eliminating upgrades such as electricity, HVAC and plumbing can reduce your total construction costs.

Prefabricated garage kits are one of the most economical options, and it may be helpful to do some basic finishing work yourself.

Get lots of quotes from experienced local garage makers and you can get a better price by booking a job when they are less busy during the short season.

Is it possible to build an apartment above the garage?

It is possible to build apartments above the garage, but the planning process, permit applications, and budgets will vary greatly. The cost of adding an apartment usually ranges from $110 to $250 per square foot. If the garage is separated, it will be more expensive and will depend on what you are looking for.

How much does a single, double or triple car garage increase the value of your home?

In general, when you sell your home, you will get back about 75% to 85% of your investment. On average, a garage adds value to your home from $12,750 to $33,150.