How Much Does It Cost To Build A 2 Car Garage?

In previous years, the most lucrative business has been the garage business as the masses are majorly shifting towards eco-friendly vehicles. In contrast, the subsidized payment plans by banks are also a reason people are buying cars.

Whereas with the increased purchase of cars it is indeed necessary that need of car garages will also go high and high. Therefore, here is today’s piece of reading with which you can understand how much it costs to build a 2 car garage along with other essential information.

Cost of A Garage:

For understanding the cost analysis of a car garage you need to know about the per square foot cost of the market and which is varying between 30$-65$ per square foot. Therefore for a single car garage, it would cost around 8000$-15000$.

While the same amount would jump to 20000$-29000$ if youre willing to make a double car garage. As the cost may increase or decrease concerning the depending factors such as variable construction material cost etc. although the investors would have 80% returns.

Average Cost (National Level) 24,000$
Minimalistic Cost 8,000$
Max Cost 45,000$
Average Reach 20,000-30,000

Per Square Foot Cost For Building Garage:

As I stated before that the average per square foot cost of building a garage is almost 35$-60$ which seems to be a bit high, is because after the pandemic increase in inflation is observed all over the world.

Moving on further let’s have a look at the per square foot cost in detail and that is as follows, the latterly described price is keenly dependent upon the formations, and final touch-ups might be included or excluded.

Although the most common garages are those with 2-car spaces that are endured with a dimension of 400-580 sqft. Although this would cost around 20,000-29,000. Contrary to that a 3 car garage has dimensions of 576-870 sqft and it would cost 30,000$-45,000$.

For a better understanding of the cost and dimensions of different garages following is the table with which you can have an in-depth insight into building your garage.

Cost For Building A Garage (With Dimensions)

12’x24’ 14,000$
14’x28’ 19,200$
20’x20’ 20,000$
24’x24’ 29,000$
36’x24’ 45,000$

Cost For Building A Garage By Number of Cars And Size

For better understanding and nullifying much more ambiguities here, you would see a table that is given with garage size and its measurements in sqft along with its capacity of cars with a cost of 50$ per sqft.

Size Sq-ft Avg. Cost No. of Car
12’x24’ 288 14,400$ 1
14’x28’ 393 19,650$ 1
20’x20’ 400 20,000$ 2
24’x25’ 600 30,000$ 2-3
36’x26’ 936 46,800$ 3-4

One more thing you need to understand is that the calculations are made while considering the factor that the various vehicle makes based upon their variants have a different length that is 14’ or it might be 18’-22’ in length, in the case of Trucks, SUVs, and Mini Vans.

Therefore, the estimation is featured with an additional 5-6 ft. The workers could have exceptional clearance areas and convenient parking of vehicles within the garage that offers a wide range of space around the car.

Cost of Attached or Detached Garage

Another debate pops up and that is what sort of garage is much more viable for the owner whether attached or detached. Whereas is it good to have a garage that has additional living space included in it?

If you look at the stats then the attached garages are quite inexpensive whereas the main cost is dependent upon interior finishing, paving, and additional living space. But the living space is subject to the building laws of the vicinity.

Attached Garage Detached Garage
1-Car 1-Car
11,800$ 14,200$
2-Car 2-Car
20,300$ 25,200$

Estimatimation of Attached Garage

The standard cost of a single-car garage of an attached formation is likely to cost around 8,500$ and 13,500$, although the dual car garage will cost around 15,100$. Moreover, this cost might jump to 43,700$ if your garage has a capacity of 4-cars.

Moreover, your attached garage could be of a fully covered roof, or it could have no boundary walls along with a single roof and this would save you from additional spending. And keeping your garage simple and viable for future alterations.

Estimatimation of Detached Garage

Although the cost of a detached sort of car garage is like to be as follows for single, dual, and four cars. You might be costed 15,250$, 20,600$, and 29,200$ for the garage of your own choice, respectively.

Whereas the construction is involved paving the base though the cost estimation is going to be a bit expensive. Whereas the wholesome cost is influenced by the size of the garage makes it a much more expensive option as compared to the attached one.

Whereas adding a living space that is included sanitary facilities, and other basic household facilities including heating and cooling facilities along with power supply and wood, metal, and fiber works.


  • How much does a 24’x24’ concrete slab would cost?

The concrete slab of 24’x24’ is featured with 6-inches thickness along with 10-⅙ cubic yards. If the cost of 1 cubic yard is 140$ then the 24’x24’ concrete slab will be costing around 1483$. Although the price of a concrete slab is subject to market prices though it could vary accordingly.

  • How much does a car garage cost with a capacity of 1 to 2 cars?

The garage with a car capacity of 1 or 2 would cost around:

Avg. Cost No. of Car
14,400$ 1
19,650$ 1
20,000$ 2
  • What could be the viable dimensions of garages with different car capacities?
Size Sq-ft No. of Car
12’x24’ 288 1
14’x28’ 393 1
20’x20’ 400 2
24’x25’ 600 2-3
36’x26’ 936 3-4

Hunting The Most Efficient Builder:

This could be the final step toward building your dream garage. You would love to know a few important points with which you can hunt down the best garage builder that would give you the best quality in return for your capital.

So let’s get started with the following pointers that could help you find the best garage builder: For finding the best garage builder you need to check up on the following points:

  • Checking the portfolio of previous contracts
  • At least being in the construction industry for 5 years minimum.
  • Must have necessary legal NOCs, and licenses
  • Must have insurance and security bonds
  • Material and labor guarantees are a must
  • Must be rated between A/A+ by BBB
  • Must have valid and good reviews