How Much Does It Cost For A Costco Membership?

Shopping has always been an amazing thing to do and especially when it comes to household items we all are aimed to get the best along with saving a couple of bucks so that the budget won’t get distorted.

In first-world countries, we have always heard a name when it comes to household shopping and that is Costco. There are two opinions regarding Costco both are right in their stance.

Costco is wholesaling cooperation that has more than 100 million members along with almost 4000 items. Although this cooperation has almost 800plus stores operational in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, France, and Iceland.

But after reading this article I hope you could develop a balanced and unbiased opinion regarding Costco along with acknowledging basics like how much does it cost for a Costco membership? Or what are the key features of having it and the drawbacks of Costco?

Costco cooperation is considered to be the most viable wholesale purchase shop with an extensive list of products that are available at discounted prices. But you need to know that you can avail such a discount only by purchasing items in bulk quantity.

How Much Does It Cost For A Costco Membership?

Costco cooperation is the only cooperation that has an extensive membership family that is availing the amazing discount of more than 1000$ per year while shopping their household items like groceries, electronics, etc.

You might be wondering to know that how much does a Costco membership card costs? If is it so then you would love to know that there are two different types of Costco membership cards that are of Gold Star and Executive membership cards.

Gold Star Membership Card

This variant of Membership Card ? is worth 60$ per year. Although this membership package is included with two cards that make it a viable thing for both husband and wife. Although this membership card is valid for all the Costco branches all over the globe.

Executive Membership Cards

The Executive Variant Card is worth 120$ and this is also included with two cards with all the features that are included in Gold Star Membership Cards. But this card is empowered with 2% on a large number of products and vacation packages that save you 1000$ annually.

Things You Can Buy At Costco

You must be curious to know what you can purchase at Costco though we would like to tell you people that youre asking the wrong question. Your question should be that what you cannot buy at Costco?

Because the Costco stores are included with dedicated food courts where you can have super cheap burgers and pop combos for 1-½ $. Whereas the meat section is featured high-end poultry and a large range of meat along with frozen goods.

Whereas the snack, grains, lentils, seasonings, and coffees are also placed at their distinctive place within barrels and elegant shelves. Apart from that, the whole store is filled with high-end electronic appliances, furniture, clothes, and toiletries.

Although the Costco stores are also included with high-quality dairy products, self-care products, personal products, sports products, stationery, health & fitness products, and pharmacy items.

Core Benefits Of Costco

There are enormous benefits you can have through owning Costco membership cards but it also depends upon your location. Let’s get straight to the benefits of having a Costco Membership card without any further prolongation.

Lightning Fast Delivery

You won’t believe that if you guys shop a product via Instacard that is worth more than 35$ then your order will be delivered within a single day. But this service is valid for specific metropolia.

Porter Assistance

If youre a Costco member and you have purchased the latest electronic appliance but don’t have enough time or knowledge for mounting it at their dedicated spaces then you would love to know that Costco provides you with a dedicated Porter Assistance.

Complimentary Giveaways

Complimentary giveaways are said to be the most amazing feature of Costco stores. Whereas your in-store shopping could be elevated with utmost pleasure through live and free demos of electrical appliances and giveaways of edible or usable goods.

Cart Out

Moving your discarded mattress or other bulky appliances like refrigerators or dishwashers has always been an immensely tough thing to do. But that’s not gonna happen anymore because Costco has brought you its Haul Away service.

The Haul Away service of Costco is right now limited to dedicated areas. Although this service lets the Costco members avail themselves of a cart out service for moving the discarded appliances and recycling them for you.

Payment Options

You must be curious to know about the payment options that you can use within the Costco services. If is it so then we are delighted to tell you that the Costco stores are featured with Citi Visa Card that can be considered as the membership ID.

Although the Citi Visa Card can avail you people with an exclusive discount of 4% on buying qualified gasoline and a 3% discount for having a meal at specific restaurants. Although the grocery items can be purchased at a discount of 2% for both in-store and online shopping.

Costco Gas Stations

The major factor that is shaking our monthly budget every single day is the day-to-day increasing gas prices. Car is indeed a necessity we cannot just leave it away though Costco has brought their members a Kirkland signature gasoline over discounted prices.

Drawbacks Of Costco

Costco Stores have stacked their products within a bulk package so that you can avail of discounts. Although the fruit, milk, and cheese packages are also packed in bulk quantity along with other edible products that are edible.

Whereas purchasing such bulky packages for saving a couple of bucks and putting them within your kitchen and then watching them getting degraded and parished is not a good idea.


  • How much does it cost for a Costco Membership in Canada?

The Costco membership cards in Canada are available in 2 options. One is the Gold Star membership card that cost around 60$ and Executive Membership Card that cost almost 120$.

  • Can we purchase from Costco Stores without membership cards?

No, you cannot shop within the Costco stores without a membership card as the entry gates are configured with the membership cards.

  • Can I enter a Costco store without the membership card?

Yes, you can enter a Costco store with a discount voucher or with a friend of your that has a Costco membership card. Although the discount cards are also a great thing for those who don’t have a membership card.

  • Why a large number of consumers don’t like Costco?

As we all know Costco has the largest inventory store because of their bulk purchase so that the consumer could avail the specific discount. But this also leads to a drawback and that is the degradation of perishable goods like fruit and vegetable. Although purchasing in such a bulk quantity also leads to budget distortion.

Final Verdict:

According to our views and insights, there are a few products that are substandard like, cheese, and milk. Whereas you cannot avail exclusive discount upon single pieces though you have to buy in bulk quantity.

The card charges 60$ a year, though nobody could stack 40 to 50 packs of toilet roll or 200 pounds of macaroni within a house of two. Though we would the Costco membership card is quite a viable thing for those that can stack up things in such a bulk quantity.