How much does it cost for a book of stamps?

Stamps are essential when posting a letter. They act as a sign of recognition as to what place the letter needs to be delivered and from where. This is not just restricted to letters. Even if you post a parcel, you still need to put a stamp on it. Hence, a stamp is crucial for any mail.

If you are someone who sends around a lot of letters and parcels by the old school way which is of course by posting, then you must buy a book of stamps. In the long run, this will be more economical for you.

Here we will discuss books in a stamp, their number, cost, and type. Read through it to know all about stamps!

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Cost of stamps:

The cost of a stamp varies by the weight of the parcel or letter being mailed. The number of stamps you need to put on a letter will also influence the total cost of mailing the product. A book of stamps costs around $11 if each stamp costs $0.55. The cost of the book will rise once the cost of a single stamp rises. Here is a table summarizing the cost of stamps for various articles:

Weight of letter/parcel Cost of stamp
Forever stamp /mailing a one-ounce letter 58 cents
Additional ounces for a letter 20 cents
A book of 20 stamps $11.6
Metered 1 – ounce letter 53 cents
Postcard 40 cents
First-class single-piece flat mail $1.16
Outbound internal letters $1.30
Certified mail $3.75
Registered mail $13.75
Country Cost of posting a 1 – ounce letter
Italy $3.40
France $1.90
The United Kingdom $1.20
Canada 89 cents

Below are tables summarizing the cost of posting letters based on their weight and dimensions.

Type of letter and measurements   
Weight of letter   
1-day delivery   
2-3 days delivery   
Normal large letter (24 cm long, 16.5 cm   wide, 0.5 cm thick)   
Large letter (35.3 cm long, 25 cm wide, 2.5   cm thick)   
Dimensions and type    
Maximum weight    
1-day delivery    
2 days delivery    
Small parcel (45 cm long, 35 cm wide, 16 cm   thick)   
1 kg
   2 kg   
Medium parcel (61 cm long, 46 cm wide, 46 cm   thick)   
1 kg
   2 kg
   5 kg
   10 kg
   20 kg   

First-class postage:

The first-class postage system of sending letters and parcels from one destination to another is indeed the shortest and most efficient way of mailing. It takes around 1 to 3 days for the letter or parcel to be delivered. It may take more time if the destination is very far.

The United States postal services (USPS) has set criteria for the weight of the letter and parcel to be delivered via mail. Any letter sent should fit in a standard-sized envelope and weigh less than 3.5 ounces. As for the parcel, it should not exceed 13 ounces in weight overall.

How many stamps are there in a book of stamps?

There are around 20 stamps in a book all ready to be pasted on the envelope before dropping it into the post box. You might think that stamps remain the same for years. However, you might be shocked to know that United States Postal Services releases new stamp designs now and then and new stamp books too.

The newly released designs are different from the previous ones with more intricacy and design. Another important thing to note here is that stamp designs are hardly ever repeated. No wonder, stamp collection is a widely growing hobby.

Stamps in a forever stamps book:

There are 20 stamps in a forever stamps book. Now one might wonder, why buy a forever stamps book when you can go with a single stamp when needed? The answer is quite clear: their price stays the same you bought them at.

Let’s say, you bought a forever stamps book 10 decades back when a postage stamp cost way less than it cost today. However, you can still send a letter for the same price you bought the stamp for 10 decades ago despite the rise in the price of postage stamps over the years.

If you buy a lot of forever stamp books, it is indeed the right move to make. You will never have to pay a hefty sum to just post a letter.

Stamps in a collectible stamps book:

The collectible stamps books include around 70 to 80 stamps. These are all those uniquely designed stamps released that year that are not to be released again. It not only contains the stamps but also information about their design, year of release, and author.

This is basically for the stamp collectors. They can buy these books at the end of the year and they would contain all the unique, never – to – be – released again stamps.

Where can you buy stamp books from?

The post office is the best place to buy stamp books from, but; it is not the only place. You can buy your stamp book from the following places:

  • Post office.
  • Grocery store.
  • Pharmacy.
  • UPS store.
  • FedEx.
  • Gas stations.
  • Libraries.
  • Stamp book vending machines.
  • online store.
  • Amazon online.
  • eBay.


When sending away letters or parcels, one needs to put a stamp on them. If you are someone who posts a lot of letters, you must buy a stamp book as that will be more economical than buying stamps every single time. Furthermore, if you just have the hobby of collecting stamps, you might just buy the collectibles yearbook instead of buying each stamp as soon as it is released. The yearbook contains all the only – once designed stamps. You might also want to look online when buying stamps to choose from a multitude of designs and patterns.