How much does eharmony cost to join?

Home is where love is. One can build big mansions but it won’t be called home unless you have your loved ones waiting for you there. Returning to only walls and an empty house after a long, hectic day makes one feel more miserable and lonelier.

After a long day, one needs a partner to lean on. Someone you can open your heart to, rant about your day, or just simply take about anything without the fear of being judged. However, when choosing a partner, the biggest problem is that of compatibility.

No one wants to spend their life with a person who won’t understand them. One can only compromise to a certain extent. Hence, it is necessary to find someone with a similar personality when you intend to marry. Studies show that like-minded people tend to stay happier together and have fewer marriage problems.

If you are facing the dilemma of dating the right person, then you are at the right place. Here we will discuss an online dating site and how well it has worked in the past years helping people find the “perfect match”. Let’s dive into it.

What is eharmony?

eharmony, a well-known dating site has solved this issue of compatibility by using scientific means to link people with similar personalities. All you need to do is fill out the questionnaire correctly and it will find you several good matches to choose from.

They have been successfully running the dating business for years and have more than a million users and a very high success rate. Another most important feature of eharmony is that it offers a video to date. One needs not to meet in person for the first date and can easily see over a video call if they are compatible with each other or not.

Cost of eharmony membership:

The membership cost varies by the type of membership one signs for and the length of membership desired. Signing up on the site is however free, but it will offer very limited features. Finding a date and all other features come with the premium membership which one has to pay for.

eharmony membership options The membership option price per month Membership plan length
Premium light $70 / month 6 months
Premium plus $46 / month 12 months
Extra premium $36 / month 24 months

Free eharmony account versus paid eharmony membership:

The good thing about the membership is that the longer you keep it, the lesser amount you have to pay. Here is a comparison between the free and the paid membership option. this will help you choose your plan better.

Free eharmony account eharmony paid membership account
Can only see the profile but no photos. Offers an unlimited number of photo views.
Won’t be able to send or receive messages. Offers unlimited messaging option.
Won’t be able to find a match. You can see who visited your profile.
Can only send likes, thumbs up, and flirty emojis to the matches. One can make a distance search
Will only know the number of messages you have received from the current followers. You will get access to a detailed personality profile of the other person.
Can only scroll through the website and not even view any matches’ photos. You will get a date.

How can one pay for the membership?

The website offers several payment options. These include; credit cards and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. You will be continued to charge even after you end your membership if you do not turn off the automatic renewal option. Make sure when you unsubscribe your membership, you turn off the automatic renewal option and do not have to pay a fee for something you are not using.

The process of matchmaking:

To find you the perfect match, eharmony first need to know your personality and the type of person you are looking for. For this purpose, you first have to complete a personality quiz. This quiz is not like some algorithmic quiz but a more detailed one like talking to a friend about your preferences.

After answering some general questions like education, employment, physical attributes, and religion, it will take you to a more personal quiz. This second type of quiz has several questions. Some can be answered in a heartbeat while others need thorough thinking.

After you are done with the second type of question, there is also a third set of questions. These are the elaborate ones. There is no option available, one has to answer them in their own words. This is like describing your personality in your own words.

After you are done with the questionnaire, the website will prepare a personality profile. It is not like some algorithm-generated one but very detailed insight into your personality and a very interesting one. This can be viewed by anyone and is like a means of knowing people better.

Although it is a lengthy process, it is worth every minute of spending especially if you are invested in looking for the one true love.

Matchmaking and communication tools:

Once you have completed your profile, eharmony uses its special scientific algorithm to show you the most compatible matches. This list of matches is updated regularly and they are categorized in the order of compatibility making it easier for you to find “The One”.

You can go through your matches’ profile and picture and see who viewed your profile. Another exceptional feature is that of adding several filters. You can choose what distance you are comfortable with or what age group you want to date, or the gender you want to date. This will give you more personalized compatibility suggestions.

One of the best features of this site is the video chat. You can have a video call date if you are not ready to meet in person. This is especially exceptional because one needs not exchange phone numbers when opting for this feature.

Is this app safe?

When giving out such personal details on a social platform, it is natural to wonder whether the app is safe or not? eharmony prioritizes its user’s safety. They offer an online document that is a complete guide on how to secure your data on the site.

They also urge the users to report immediately if they sense any suspicious activity on the website. The additional ID verification system makes sure that only singles sign up on the website. Email addresses are only exchanged if both users agree. Video chat can be done without exchanging any phone numbers. These features make it a safe and trusted site.


If you are serious about setting foot into a long-term, committed relationship, then eharmony is your best option. You will have several compatible matches to choose from and also detailed insight into your and others’ personality. Happy dating!