How much does Desert Safari Cost in Dubai?

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without going on the beauty of safari in the desert. Visiting the Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s second most popular tourist activity, behind a desert safari.

As a result of the variety of safaris available, there is so much to see and do – from dune bashing to camel riding to quad biking to sandboarding to falconry — depending on what you want to do.

To get the finest desert safari in Dubai, you must consider the start time, duration, activities included, and pricing.

Desert safaris departing from Dubai are plenty, making it challenging to pick the best one for you and your travelling companions.

As one of the most amazing and acceptable ways to learn about Emirati culture, skimping on the desert safari is out of the question.

Dubai desert safaris are explained in detail in this blog, and the prices.


Cost of Morning Desert Safari

Desert safaris begin at 8 a.m. (9 a.m.) and 10. am in Dubai.

If you’re an early riser who craves a burst of adrenaline and excitement, the morning desert safari is for you. You may depart at 8 a.m., do dune bashing, quad riding, snowboarding, and return by midday.

Safaris in the morning are ideal for people seeking a solid adrenaline rush or who have other evening plans.

A four-hour safari includes dune bashing, sand-boarding, camel rides, and picture op breaks.

Cost of VIP Desert Safaris in Dubai

Even though a VIP desert safari in Dubai costs more than the usual safari, it is well worth the extra money.

A luxury desert safari is the most luxurious experience in a Range Rover.

The whole event is happening in the royal retreat family and will cost around AED 1780 ($484) per person to attend. You may even go for a hot air balloon safari or one of the quad bike or dune buggy excursions if you want the VIP treatment.

Cost of Overnight Desert Safaris in Dubai

Talking about the overnight desert safari in Dubai is the best thing to do to experience the purity of the desert at the night time. Activities like sandboarding and camel rides aren’t the only things to do in the desert; tourists can also have a traditional Bedouin meal and spend the night in one.

The following day, they rise early to catch the desert dawn and then eat an Arabian meal before being driven back to their accommodation.

VIP overnight safaris, lasting 17 hours, are available for AED 600 ($163) per person. Some travel operators also offer these overnight safaris that include a gourmet breakfast the following day. There is a fee of AED 1000 ($270) for each participant.

Cost of Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Safaris in the Dubai desert that include a barbeque meal are popular with tourists who want to experience local food or extend their night in the desert.

On most nighttime desert safaris, you can choose to eat a BBQ meal as part of your adventure. There are belly dancers, Tanura dancers, and a fire show accompanying the barbeque supper. Everyone settles in and relaxes at a modest table in the middle of a Bedouin-style camp.

The buffet-style BBQ supper includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives. If you have any dietary restrictions, the cooks at the restaurant are more than happy to help.

During your stay at the campground, you may enjoy unlimited soft drinks, coffee, and tea.

Dinner safaris Cost
Desert Safari with BBQ at Al Khayma Camp AED 390 ($106)
Premium Dune Safari, Camel Riding, BBQ AED 225 ($61)
Red Dune Safari, Camel Ride, Barbecue dinner AED 187 ($50)
Overnight safari camp with dinner AED 600 ($163)

Cost of Desert Safari with Quad Biking

There are four massive tyres on quad bikes ridden like dirt bikes. As you speed up all across the dunes on a quad bike, you’ll be sure to feel the surge of excitement. They also offer sports such as sandboarding and camel rides on these quad bike safaris in Dubai.

Quad Bike Safaris Cost
Desert Quad Bike Safari with the Sand Surf & BBQ AED 335 ($90)
Safari, Quad Bike, exciting Camel Ride, and More AED 315 ($85)
Evening Desert Quad Bike Tour with the delicious BBQ Dinner AED 275 ($75)
Morning ATV Quad great Biking Desert Adventure AED 275 ($75)

Cost of Desert Safar with Dune Buggy

Visiting the Quad Bike Safaris in Dubai is more budget-friendly, and having some great activities to grab. Dunes buggying across the magnificent dunes of the region adds a new dimension to off-road exploration.

Each dune buggy is outfitted with a complete roll cage, bucket seats, and a full harness to ensure your safety and comfort.

It’s possible to have a one-on-one or two-on-two desert adventure with this buggy for an hour.

Dune Buggy Safari Cost
Evening Dune Buggy with the beauty of Desert Adventure AED 600 ($160)
Dune Buggy Safari with the service of Pickup and Drop AED 300 ($80)
Guided Desert Adventure by the great 4WD Dune Buggy AED 1000 ($270)
Morning adventure on the exciting Dune Buggy AED 600 ($160)
Self-drive 2000cc amazing Ranger-Dune Buggy AED 900 ($245)

What is the best time to go on Desert Safari: morning, afternoon, or overnight?

There are several ways you may spend your time in the desert, from a few hours to a few days. While morning safaris are more focused on the desert itself, afternoon safaris prefer to start after sunset.

If you’re fully pressed for time and have a jam-packed evening planned in the city, a morning desert safari could be better. Families with young children may also prefer early mornings to late evenings, as it might be challenging to get back to town before 10 or 11 p.m.

An overnight stay is strongly suggested to appreciate the desert’s beauty. This hence provides you with a better chance of spotting animals since the desert’s species are more active at night and in the twilight when they are more vulnerable to predators.

Overnight safaris in Dubai also allow you to marvel at the night sky, which is free of pollution. There are several glamping options in Dubai, including dome tents, for those who prefer a more luxurious way to enjoy the desert.

An important point to know when going on a Desert Safari

Even though a trip to the Dubai Desert Safari is at the top of many tourists’ bucket lists, keep in mind that it isn’t for everyone. It’s not advised for:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Youngsters under the age of 6 are not included in this group (some will say children under 3)
  • People who have mobility sort of issues, such as those in wheelchairs
  • Those with back or heart problems

Is that to say you’ll have to miss out on everything? In these situations, it’s not uncommon to merely want to do the dune-bashing portion of a trip.

At the very least, the camp may be enjoyed by groups who have been excluded from the central tour reservations, and a professional Dubai Desert Tour operator can almost definitely find an alternate route that will be safe for these excluded parties.