How much does a fitness passport cost employers

How much does a fitness passport cost employers

Lockdown made everyone gain weight. There was no place to go and the only cardio you could do was run down a flight of stairs. Gyms closed and everyone lost motivation to maintain a perfect weight.

The world is moving at a fast pace. There is improvement in science and technology over the years. This scientific and technological revolution has also raised awareness among the masses regarding health care.

People are more concerned about their well-being and food consumption. Furthermore, this advancement in the field of science and technology is being used by companies to raise health standards. People today take exercise more seriously to improve their well-being.

An Australian company called “ fitness passport ” is working to help people improve their health status by exercising and doing other muscular work.

If you are someone who has gained a lot of weight during the pandemic or wants to improve their health status, this article is for you. Read through the end to know all about fitness passport and how can you use it.


What is a fitness passport?

It is an Australian company working to improve the health of its customer by making physical exercises fun and cheap. It provides one membership to a wide range of fitness and health programs close to their work and home.

Cost of a fitness passport:

The cost of the fitness passport is determined by the plan one takes and the type of membership chosen. However, it generally costs $14 per week and is to be paid every fortnight. When one initially signs up for the fitness passport, the membership contract is be to signed for 12 months but it can be canceled anytime.

Who is eligible for a fitness passport?

Anyone and everyone is eligible for a fitness passport. However, their memberships are as follows:

  • Family fitness passport .
  • Fitness passport for employers.
  • Fitness passport for members.
  • Fitness passport for fitness partners.

The fitness passport company goes with the motto; “connecting employers, staff, and fitness partners”. This covers it all.

What does a fitness passport offer?

A fitness passport offers access and membership to a variety of physical and fun activities. It provides its members access to over 1300 fitness facilities across Australia. These include:

  • Gym membership.
  • Pool membership.
  • Spa membership.
  • Hydrotherapy membership.
  • Steam room membership.
  • Sauna around Perth membership.
  • Leisure club membership.

How to gain a fitness passport membership?

Gaining a fitness passport membership is not difficult. All you need to do is sign up, submit the required documents, pay the fee, and ta-da! You gained the membership!

After you submit your fitness passport application, it will first have to be approved by their representative. After gaining approval, you just need to wait for your membership card. This will be delivered to you in the mail at your doorstep. You can use it by entering your membership number into the facilities fitness passport iPad.

Fitness passport for employers:

It is quite easy for employers to gain fitness passport membership for their company. The organizations are not charged any fee and the fitness passport representative will help you curate a plan suitable for your employees.

What does the registration form contain?

The registration form is to be filled out online and it requires some personal information to be filled. The registration process requires the following set of information:

  • Your first name.
  • Your middle name.
  • Your last name.
  • Your mobile number.
  • Your primary (work) email.
  • Your secondary (personal) email address.
  • Your mailing address.
  • Captcha.

After filling out and submitting the registration form, you can sign up and leave an application for approval. Their representative will send you an email if your application gets approved.

What’s new at fitness passport?

Fitness passport is working towards raising awareness and funds for children diagnosed with cancer. They arrange a long march to collect funds for donations to children diagnosed with cancer. You are already a part of it if you are a member or you can simply sign up to become a member today.


If you want to gain access to a variety of fitness and fun centers all across Australia and that too for one low price, you must join a fitness passport today. This membership will give you access to a variety of both fun and fitness activities and it is like health with fun.