Driveway Paving Cost Calculator: Cost per Square Foot & Important Money Saving Tips

A new driveway can add some curb attraction for your house outdoor space. It comes with a price and a dedication of few days to get the installation done. A driveway price between $1,700 to $7,000 for the materials and average can be $4,500.

You can expect to pay between $2 and $15 per rectangular foot for materials and installation. You can save much money selecting a cloth that matches your budget; however, every material has an exceptional lifespan, so weigh the charges towards longevity.

What is the Driveway Cost Per Square Foot?

The value of a driveway will rely upon the situation of your current driveway, its dimension and the material you prefer to use. Gravel is the most inexpensive material to use at just $1 to $3 per rectangular foot, while a heated driveway is priced at $12 to $18 per rectangular foot.

If you want to remove your current driveway, the prices will, of course, increase. Driveway removal will value around $1 to $3 per rectangular foot, during a material fee between $3 and $12 per rectangular foot.

You can additionally select to widen a driveway; however, anticipate a cost of around $600 to $2,400. If you prefer to prolong your driveway, it can be between $3 to $12 per rectangular foot, and you may want to lift extra excavation costs.

Resurfacing, where the top layer of the driveway is removed, can cost between $1 and $3 per rectangular foot for an asphalt driveway. A concrete driveway resurfacing can cost between $4 and $7 per rectangular foot.


Basic Better Best
Paving Material Prices $375.00 - $437.50 $462.50 - $525.00 $550.00 - $650.00
Installation Cost $1250.00 - $1275.00 $1500.00 - $1575.00 $2250.00 - $2900.00
Total $1625.00 - $1712.50 $1962.50 - $2100.00 $2800.00 - $3550.00
Total Average Cost per square foot $6.67 $8.13 $12.70

Cost to pave a 2-car Driveway

National Average

20’x24′ 480 sq. ft. $4,700
Low $2,850
Mid-range $4,200
High-end $6,860

Information about Driveway Cost with Material

A gravel driveway is the most inexpensive way to go, and it’ll stay more than a hundred years with regular maintenance. But it’s no longer desirable to each homeowner and tends to kick up dirt on vehicles.

Concrete driveways continue to be an inexpensive alternative because they come in barely more cost-effective than an asphalt driveway and regularly require much less maintenance.

Concrete will extend and contract, central to chips and cracks, plus it will stain easily. Concrete driveways generally last between 25 and 75 years.

Asphalt is one of the more excellent driveway selections and has its professionals and cons. It will soften in warmness and will crack easily. Asphalt driveways will survive for a maximum of 15 to 30 years which you have to repair after 3 to 5 years.

Pavers are another alternative and come with a 25- to 75-year lifespan. They cost extra and will take longer to install.

Driveway Materials Cost Per Square Foot
Gravel $2 – $4
Asphalt $6 – $8
Concrete $8 – $12
Pavers $20 – $45
Brick $20 – $45

What is the Driveway Construction Cost?

Building a driveway will cost around $4 to $12 on average, relying upon the dimension of the driveway and the chosen material. Expect to pay as plenty in labour as you do for materials.

When to Build a Driveway?

Depending upon your climate, the summer season is, in all likelihood, sufficient time to construct a driveway. Plan when there are just a few clear days of average temperatures. Installing with the asphalt driveway is yet soiled work, and you want a couple of days of the clear skies to get it all done.

Which Important Factors Add to the Cost of Paving a Driveway?

Prices differ on the basis of the place and how much complex the project will be. The greater training paving requires — the more excellent gear and labour it takes and the greater the following cost.

These elements add to the price:

  • Land Cleaning

Preparing land for a new driveway consists of slicing timber and putting off stumps. Clearing massive bushes requires ability and protection precautions — hourly prices for skilled technicians vary from $25–$50 per hour. Trees much less than six inches are much less complicated to remove.
Chipping trunks and limbs cost an extra $40 per hour; however, it’s more cost-effective than the different disposal capability — and chips are treasured for fill or mulch. Stump removal will cost you around $70 –$90 per tree.

  • Grading

When water flows over sod, the grass slows its movement, permitting water to be absorbed. Rain pouring on concrete or asphalt acts differently!

On a flawlessly flat driveway, it can accumulate, developing a hazard and inflicting the floor to deteriorate — while on an improperly graded driveway, it can pass like lightning towards structures and roadways the place it contributes to flooding.

Choosing the slope for your driveway isn’t complicated. However, it takes know-how to examine the panorama and make an excellent decision.

  • Engineering

Many different municipalities are having the constructing codes regulating the overall size, area along with the slope of driveways. Homeowner’s some of the associations may additionally have the options of paving alternatives for the extra aesthetics.
Some issues might come into the way. This can be driveway proximity or the drainage issues. Thus, the final cost can also amplify the whole sloping angles along with the curved which is covering abutting and avenue properties.

  • Excavation

Regardless of the material used for the driveway, it requires a sturdy base. How does it work? Driveways require adequate drainage and a sturdy base. One rain and those concrete pavers float on mud.

By using gravel or granite as a base, water can flow through without straining concrete or asphalt.

This material is generally available as the surface base. For around 240 square feet of the driveway, the cost of around 4-inch base of utility gravel will be from $450 to $800. Sod removal requires excavation costing between $600 and $1200. A blasting operation is required to break up boulders that cannot be routinely removed.

Money-saving Tips- a Quick Guide for Beginners

An excellent paving job is worth the money. However, these recommendations will assist you in maintaining a little more significance in your pocket.

  • If you have been clearing the hardwood for the driveway, you should consider promoting them for the firewood instead of having them into the mulch.
  • Stay a bit flexible. If the value of the blasting via ledge to fully construct the driveway is found to be prohibitive, think of its few alternatives.
  • Perform some work yourself. Tasks like casting off sod or slicing down small bushes take time; however, if you have spare, why not get into the practice and keep a few dollars?
  • Contractors may additionally provide extra topcoats for up to $3 per rectangular foot. These enhance the toughness of the surface; however, they are a breeze to observe on a company new surface.
  • A paved driveway will improve the whole home’s curb attraction and thus improves its resale value. Try to always choose wisely.

Final Thoughts

A paved driveway will straight away make the property look greater practical and extra attractive. It provides upon with the highest resale price and conjures up the whole pride. Go for this latest trend now and make your house look as a dream house for others.